Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 Element III – Sankhya Yoga

Q: What is a Holistic vision?

Ans: Holistic eyesight is also known as ‘helicopter perspective, or bird’s eye view’. If we sit inside the aircraft when on a runway, we can only see a incredibly slender stretch outside the house but when we fly large, we have a bigger image. Similarly it is vital to have a bigger photo of any predicament in advance of we make a decision. Every single circumstance ought to be found from a selection of perceptions. The globe is distinct for a youthful youngster, for an adolescent and to an older person. Notion also improvements dependent on generations, publicity and life’s encounters. Using into thought unique viewpoints, will help us to make an objective, impartial determination in its place of one’s have viewpoint alone not only in non secular but also in worldly lifestyle.

Q: What’s the nature of this Self?

Ans: Lord reveals the atma in verse 20

It existed in the previous but is generally new. Atma is not destroyed even when the body is destroyed. All the modifications that come about to the objects of this universe,but not on I the Self.

Q: What is Self, Atma or Consciousness?

Ans: Do you ever ponder any time, when you say, ‘my hand hurts, my legs are robust, my views are positive’, who is that ‘my,me?’ Who am I?

When there is one particular hole in a balloon, the air escapes, Have you ever stopped to think how does the air goes in and out of some thing with 9 holes? That is our body. How is that probable? Can you create one these kinds of equipment? A new child with all the techniques performing, with a thinking brain and an intellect that can make decisions?

That which enables your eyes open, that which triggers your hand to feed you, that which activates your legs to transport you, that which energises the intellect to assume views, that which permits your intellect to make conclusions is all owing to that ‘presence’, with out which none of these is achievable. We can connect with it with any title.

Atma, Self, Consciousness, God, Lord, electricity are all the phrases describing the indescribable. These phrases are only sounds.

“I”, knower of the alter, is viewing the modify occurring in this system, brain and the entire world exterior. Due to the fact every ‘this’ is viewed, heard, tasted, smelt or felt, the ‘I’ is diverse from all of them and for that reason the seer, the witness of all actions, “I” is changeless.

“I” is…

Avinashi.. Indestructible: Eternal, at any time current. The 5 components maintain modifying.. The atoms and molecules retain modifying whereas the Atman does not modify, it is Indestructible, pervades every little thing.

Idham and aham. ‘This’ and ‘That’.

‘Idham’ is all ordeals, “aham” is the experiencer.

‘aham’ pervades all ‘idham’. You can not working experience the globe without the need of dealing with your Self.

There simply cannot be an knowledge without the need of the issue. I see, I listen to, I contact, I flavor…

We can not do any of these devoid of ‘I’. Absolutely nothing can be regarded with no ‘I’. A matter is expected for encounter of this entire world. So just about every encounter of this globe is due to “I” in all. “I” pervades this overall earth.

Who is that ‘I?’ Due to the fact we affiliate with this physique, it is incredibly challenging to comprehend that ‘I’ pervade every thing. For ex: The house within the pot appears confined inside of the pot but in reality the place inside and outdoors, is the exact in the globe, universe, galaxy.

Avyayam: Atma are unable to be destroyed. It is imperishable, there is no reduction of diminishing worth.

Destruction of the self is extremely hard. Even folks who commit suicide do so only to the entire body, the atma is indestructible.

The character of the human body is to frequently modify, frequently dance ultimately arrives to an conclude, dismantled and disintegrated. The similar resources goes to make some other physique. This cycle goes on and on.

Aprameya… prameya is that which can be recognized by way of pramana, through some implies of awareness, an instrument or devices. Color is found by the eyes, new music is read by means of ears,. Eyes and ears are the means of knowledge,

That which is identified is ‘prameya’

Pramata is the knower

Pramana is the instrument

Prameya.. That which is acknowledged

To know nearly anything, we need an instrument but Atma is aprameya… can’t be identified by any indicates of instrument..

If it is known, then you, the knower is various from the recognised.

Q: What are the usually means of any understanding?

Ans: There are six modes of instrument, six signifies of awareness that we use to know just about anything in this universe.

1. Thru Senses (prathyaksha praman)

2. Via inference smoke reveals fire (Anuman praman)

3. Through comparison, comparing the metals in Mars to what we know in earth (Upamanam)

4. Through the phrases of a understood master (Sabhdha praman)

5. Through researching the effect we have an understanding of the result in, like health ( Arthaa patthi ex:flood reveals that there was rain)

6. Via unavailability, by knowing practically nothing is there, they know nothing at all is there. By negation in blood check detrimental for specific points (Un upalapthi)

All the scriptures are sabhdha praman (mode of seems), those people who have realized atma, are verbalising it to us. We cannot see it, we simply cannot infer it. we are not able to examine it but only by the words of a recognized learn one particular can know atma then recognized that we are atma, the true character.

Sabhdha praman (what is verbalised) is not to obtain the awareness of the Self but to clear away the misunderstanding of the Self. By the review of scriptures from a expert, all misunderstandings go absent and self reveals alone. It is Self shining, (svayam prakashaham).

Ananda… It is happiness, not simply because of one thing.

Self is consciousness by alone not aware of a thing!

Anadhi..with no starting

Anantham with no end.

Nithyaha eternal, Atma is not born, it will not die at any time. There is no punarjanma, rebirth for atma. Atma would not bear reincarnation, Ajaha unborn.

Sashvataha unchanging,

Puranaha..pura api navam historical nonetheless new at all the time.

Q: Reveal karma yoga

Ans: Karma is an motion but karma Yoga is an mindset with which you do any karma.

All the things takes place in room. Area would not do just about anything, it does not induce any action on any factor. But there is something that helps make every little thing take place in area. All the planets are in room, rotating, revolving but the place isn’t really performing anything.

Equally every thing is taking place in that Self but the Self by itself is not the doer.

The undertaking happens in the degree of the body, in the level of the intellect, for the reason that of the gunas. The moi is the doer, not the Self. like the motor vehicle moves mainly because of the fuel but the fuel will not get the car any where. The exact atma is current in each and every getting.

Asangaha… atma continues to be unattached..atma is not a ghost, it is not an object existing in this entire body, in involving the eyebrow or in the coronary heart. Atma doesn’t fly out when the system dies, like demonstrated in flicks!

It is all pervading.. It can not move in place. Room also exists in THAT.

Just one who thinks I’m the doer of action or the motion is done on me will not know the Self. It remains untouched in all situations.

Q: What are the modifications that takes place to all bodies?

Ans: Right before the physical body is born, it exists as a materiel in parent’s system. There is no “I” at that time.

That materials foetus is born with a form. grows, modifies, decay, die.

Each individual physique undergoes 6 modifications: Asti, jaayathe, vardhathe, Veeparinamathe, apaksheeyathe, vinashyathi

Exists, born, grows, modifies, decays and dies.

Atma is untouched by time. It does not get modified by time. For ex.. In a motion picture we see the tiny kid increase into an adult and reach lots of items, obtaining previous, handing above to the up coming era but the display behind is the exact. That does not modify a bit. Likewise atma does not practical experience any modification.

Q: What does it indicate that Self is the witness in all?

Ans: When we see a mirage, we see water. We also see the motion of drinking water but actually, there is no drinking water at all. Likewise Self seems to be performing. Self is not the doer.

Also, the moon appears to be transferring but when in fact, the clouds are going. The moon is stationary. We superimpose the plan of the motion of the clouds on the moon.

Likewise, the steps are occurring at the level of the overall body, the intellect and exterior the overall body. Atma, the pure Self, is not the doer of any motion. In its pretty existence all actions take place by way of the body, head and intellect, just like

the incredibly existence of Sunlight all routines materialize but the solar won’t execute any action. Just one who realizes this of Atma, is totally free of doership and enjoyership.

One more instance would be electrical power. In its existence several products functions but electricity by alone would not have warmth mild or sound!

Self is pure presence.. Sat-Chit-Ananda.

Sat..pure existence. Any and all ‘it’ exits. Self doesn’t exist. It is existence by itself.

Chit… It is pure consciousness. Mainly because of “It”, we are conscious of some thing.

Ananda… is Bliss.that can not be explained.

Q: What is daily life and demise, different bodies, reincarnation?

Ans: This system is like a gown of the Self. As we transform our outfit depending on the actions, wedding, bash, physical exercise jogging, swimming so also Self alterations the overall body for the features.

Dress has an outcome on our intellect. If offers assurance in sports activities dresses, race clothing, leisure in walking clothing, professional thoughts and frame of mind in work apparel, humility in apparel that we wear to temples. Similar with hues much too.. Every single coloration has an effects on our head. Uniform of a armed forces staff, police and college uniforms have an effect in their mind.

When we modify dresses, the system will not go through improve. Similarly our bodily human body is only a dress, when it will become ineffective, is dropped and a new physique is taken.

We have a actual physical human body within which there is a delicate overall body with head and intellect. Science has innovative in many quite a few area but can’t display what is actually life. What helps make a make a difference tick? Our physique is make any difference! What provides intelligence to people chemical substances in the overall body, the hormones, the self therapeutic?

How does an ant know in which your sugar is? Not only that, it also communicates with other ants. How does it know to retail outlet for the rainy working day?

How does the squirrel know there is a seed underneath the soil? How does the bunny know that greens are edible?

If I toss a stone up in the air, we know, owing to gravity it will occur back to the floor but when I release a chook, no a single can inform in which it will go! Due to the fact it is not just a make a difference but intelligence due to the presence.

There is a lifetime with intelligence. It is not boring or inert. Lifestyle force is intelligence. The bacteria, the virus, germs, worms, the fish they all have intelligence in them and in all the “I” is existing… Anything has some thing beyond make a difference.

When a particular person dies, the subtle overall body, (Sukshma Sarira) moves from this pot to a different pot. That refined overall body gathers impressions and is carried forward to unique lifestyle instances.

Atma is not a ghost, the impressions really don’t die when the human body dies, they remain. That is the individuality, identity. That individuality makes another system.

We, build our very own blueprint for the up coming delivery with our thoughts, words and actions.

Like the chip in a telephone. The chip is the character of that mobile phone. It had all the aspects, when your actual physical machines dies, you can take out the chip into a distinctive body! Even if the chip is misplaced, we even now get the monthly bill for payment. That invoice is for the chip not the for the mobile phone.

Similarly karma phala (repercussions of actions) will come to the mind not to the entire body, whichever body we are in, it will come.. Since karmas are executed by the thoughts… Physique replicates it. Karmas are like boomerang, it will constantly appear back again to the 1 who initiated.

Brain and intellect with all the karmas of the previous is not the supreme Self, it is operating due to the fact of Self.

In Gita, Lord is eradicating that grief as a result of know-how. When just one is unfortunate, resources can not take away that unhappiness. When a beloved 1 is useless, everything that you give is not heading to eliminate that disappointment of a relatives member, you cannot get pizza, sweets or choose them to a motion picture… grief cannot be removed by leisure, enjoyment, prosperity or content objects. It can be suppressed for sometime but can be eliminated only by information. Atma is indestructible.

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