What and When To Feed Your Pet Piranha

What must you feed your pet piranhas?

To some that may well seem to be clear, feed them nearly anything ideal? Not fairly. Just like human beings, you have to make absolutely sure that your piranhas take in a well balanced eating plan to make confident they stay healthy. Feeding them desk scrapes (which transpires generally) is not encouraged.

Piranha feeding is not incredibly intricate. The pink tummy piranha for illustration is a meat eater, so meat-like merchandise should be a big component of their food plan. But, you are unable to just feed them meat all the time. It truly is essential to switch with other styles of foods. Right here is a list of piranha meals that have worked for me in the past and other well-liked strategies that I observed on unique community forums:

* Frozen fish/seafood like cod, salmon, tuna, catfish, shrimps, krill, mussels and squid. You can invest in these in pre-designed cubes that you maintain in your freezer, or make your personal.
* Pellet meals these as Hikari Gold or Hikari Cichlid Bio Gold.
* Little parts of vegetable like celery, cucumbers and peas (some choose the shell off, others on) can be a superior addition to their diet regime.
* Pinkie mice.
* Dwell feeders.

Significant – You should hold in head that there is a large amount of discussion around the very last just one. Lots of persons believe that it is Ok to feed are living fish (minnows, tetras, and so on.) to piranhas, when other people believe that you should really by no means do it. The principal reason is that live feeders are vulnerable to illness which can then be transferred to your piranhas. A single way to enable with this issue is to quarantine the live feeders in a separate aquarium for a number of months just before introducing them to your piranhas. This will not absolutely remove the threat of diseases, however it will help.

How usually do I feed them?

This is a very excellent problem. The normal rule of thumb is that juvenile piranhas must be fed 2-3 moments for each working day, even though grownup piranhas ought to be fed once every single other working day. It is remarkably advised that you clean up up the leftovers 4-5 hrs just after you are finished ingesting. If you never, the food stuff will rot and pollute the drinking water, making your occupation at maintaining the aquarium that much tougher. Doing this will make sure you aren’t constantly doing h2o changes.

One particular additional issue to hold in mind is that when you 1st get your piranhas, they may well refuse to try to eat. This is widespread. At times they just require a handful of times, even a 7 days or so, to regulate to their new natural environment. The similar goes when introducing new foodstuff.

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